"The Butterfly and I"

As I was walking through the wet manure and muck, I looked down only to see a butterfly looking up.

My mind was puzzled to see the beauty wallowing in the dung.

Once he was an egg and then a worm. Afterwards trapped in a cocoon prison from which he hung.

Don’t you know you transformed from that worm that crawled for life? Now you have wings to fly. No longer must you live in strife.

Your fourth stage of life has given you a second chance. But you don’t seem to know you’ve made it to the dance.

Lift your head up high and look at what you see. Don’t you see the beauty of your wings that can lift you above the muck and trees?

The more I looked the more I could see. That butterfly was really me. He lifted his head to say, “You too are stuck in the past.”

“You try to run but never last.” “So I say to you as you say to me. Run free old man, run free as can be!” As the butterfly soared off and flew high.

I too decided to live my life before I die.

David Massey July 8, 2013

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